About Me

I have a background in English Language (EFL) teaching and training spanning almost 20 years.  My work in
this area took me all round the world, including contracts in West Africa, Spain and Japan, so it is true to
say that I have experienced a wide range of cultures and philosophies.
I consider myself privileged to have lived and worked in so many diverse (and sometimes challenging)
environments, and through these experiences I know I learned as much about myself as I did about the people
of my host countries.

In more recent years I have been living in rural West of Scotland, my adopted home,
which I adore and which constantly reminds me what a wonderful world we inhabit. After an early stint as a lecturer at a local college, I slipped into what I now call My Wilderness Years (I believe
Sir Winston Churchill also experienced these, so I’m in good company). Although I became and remain a keen
organic gardener and active member of the local community, I understand now that these were largely
avoidance activities – things I did to avoid having to face up to myself and the fact that I appeared to
have (temporarily) lost my direction in life.

About three years ago I started to read up on Coaching and instantly I knew that this was the key for me.
The Coaching Process has helped me to address the issues I had been avoiding, define what it is I want, find
my direction and TAKE ACTION. And this all brought me full circle to becoming a coach myself.

Truly, I cannot recommend life coaching highly enough.

I’m passionate about helping people live their lives to the full, to discover who they really are and identify the things that truly matter to them.
I have a keen sense of humour which I have always used when teaching, training and now in coaching, too.
And I am a positive thinker – my glass is always half full.

And, finally, you may be interested to know I have:

BA Humanities (Hons)
CIPD Certificate in Training Practice
Certificate in Personal Coaching (New-U Coaching, ICF)