what people say

"Sue, with her own style, is an asset to her clients and demonstrates genuine warmth and caring.”
Laura Purdy, West Dunbartonshire

“ Loved your style. You made me look at my life from all different angles. I loved your enthusiasm and your
drive. You inspired me to change my lifestyle in regard to my diabetes and the mind set I had on the condition.
My blood sugars are now in the range of a normal person – I can’t thank you enough.”

Davie Henderson

“ Sue is a very enthusiastic coach. She often made the commitment to do some of my home tasks for herself,
which made me feel that they must have been exciting and so made me even more determined to complete on
them myself. She has the real ability to listen to a huge amount of garbled mess and filter it into information
that makes complete sense. Thanks for all the encouragement!”

Kelly, Edinburgh

“ At the start I was feeling pretty negative and thought my life was going nowhere. But the questions Sue
asked me made me aware of all the good things I have and to acknowledge myself for my achievements, strengths
and abilities. I’m now much more positive about the future and, with Sue’s encouragement, have found the
courage to challenge myself to do things I wouldn’t even have considered before.”

Sam, Hertfordshire